Become an Architect for Your Team

Software architect is a way of thinking. Thinking that needs to be promoted in the mind of every programmer.

Make a move from Programmer to Software Architect

With time, a programmer learns to develop that intuition to make crucial decisions and reason about quality attributes in the software. 

To measure your growth from programmer to software architect, create a project portfolio. After every project, write down the challenges and learnings from that project. This will also have both technical and non-technical types. This portfolio is not like other portfolios. This is only for you, not to share with others. However, this will help track progress over the period we move from project to project. Such Reflect and Apply process will help in building a growth mindset. Over time, you will see how your ownership and responsibility increase, making you a better developer and architect.

Here are some questions you should answer about each project in your portfolio:

  1. Who were the stakeholders, and what were the primary business goals? 
  2. What did the high-level solution look like? 
  3. What technologies were involved? 
  4. What were the biggest risks and how did you overcome them? 
  5. If you could do it all over again, how would you do it differently?

To start with portfolio, you can start with Miro Template.