About Me

We all are looking for the stories that define, Here is mine.

Two other friends and I were walking down the street in the college campus. We all three were having a conversation about college elections. One of them was lagging by a few steps.

I unconsciously slowed myself down to put us together. The third friend stopped, looked surprised. I thought, he saw a snake. but then he told me something, which I was searching for inside of me.

He noticed my act and mentioned it to me, that It was a nice gesture of including others, leaving no man behind.

I had an epiphany. We all google search, go through a bunch of self-help books, articles, but the only thing we have to do find out about ourselves id to look inside silently.

Yeah, by the way, I am a Software Engineer in an IT Compony who knows a little bit about lifestyle, coding, and creativity. I would love to share my thoughts, observations, and learnings in order to Leave No Man Behind.